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Raj Kachori-The Royal Among The Kachoris!

Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse ones around the world. This cuisine changes according to the region, occasion, and even the season. What is even richer is our street food culture that includes a variety of food items indigenous to street vendors, These delectables can be devoured even when we are busy shopping inside the flea market or during a small hiatus between our hectic shopping schedule. This can be GolGappas, Chaats or Kachoris. Today we are going […]

Indian Hotspot Offers 30% Off on the Sweet of the Week for a Week!

Indian Hotspot Offers 50% Off on the Sweet of the Week for a Week! The pandemic has hit us all in the most unexpected ways possible. Many of us are living alone, away from homes, waiting for the situation to settle so you could fly back home and hug your parents tight! Such uncertain times do remind us of all the good times we spend with our families and friends back home. What fun! The Indian Hotspot doesn’t want you […]

Is Nostalgia hitting hard? Your Indian partner is here!

  They say,” You can take an Indian out of India but can never take India out of an Indian.”Time and again this saying has proven to be true for every Indian has India etched into their souls. India is popular among the world nations for its cuisine which is as diverse as its culture. From street foods to the royal Awadhi cuisine, every prospect of Indian food seems delectable. But fikar not, Indian Hotspot with its Jhakaas cuisine and […]