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    "Consciously Nostalgic"

    is what we pride in presenting you our century old tradition, culture, flavor and cuisine

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Consciously Nostalgic

Our Story

Consciously Nostalgic is what each and every item on our menu tastes.

We take pride and care in preparing each and every plate to give you, our esteemed patron, an experience that is designed to present to you the true and authentic taste of Indian Cuisine.

Consciously Nostalgic

Our Menu

at Indian Hotspot, it is our humble effort to bring to you a truly authentic dining experience and a highly ambitious menu in Indian Cuisine. Our wide range of offerings include:

Sweet cravings - Over 70 different indian desserts covering a large part of India.

Street Food of India - "Chaat" as famously called, a wide traditional range of meals.

Dine-in experience - Over 20+ entrees complemented with various options of Naan, Paranthas and condiments.

Snacks & Cookies - Enjoy our offerings of  anytime snacks and cookies.

Our Menu