Our story

Our Story

With our experience in managing over 49000 sq.ft of restaurant space spread over two continents & 20+ years of experience serving thousands of patrons daily, we bring the spectrum of Indian flavors matched with festivals, customs, and traditions from various parts of India - in its full authenticity.

"Consciously Nostalgic" is what we pride in presenting you our century old tradition, culture, flavor and cuisine

Every aspect of Indian Hotspot strives to deliver an experience that's authentic and exception at all facets. Let us know how we can make your visit to Indian Hotspot (TM) a memorable experience.

Your insights and feedback continues to encourage us to keep doing better

Indian Hotspot - Our branding inspiration. Pagdi (headgear) is the symbol of respect and honor.

The circular logo represents the sun. Indians worship the sun as the source of life.

The head of the family wears a headgear called "Pagdi" which is the utmost symbol of honor and respect for the entire family.

The pink color in the background represents the women of india. India worships women as a goddess.

The sun glass is the gen.x generation, the SWAG generation.

The mustaches speak of the Royalty of India. The kings and the lavish royal palaces, forts and the stories of their bravery.

The sun rays (inspired from the american flag) represents the total number of states and union territories of India.

India is a land of Music, colors, festivities. The headgear has the national colors of India.