No Non-Sense Enjoy Our Non-Veg!


With the year 2020 (a quite challenging one though for all!) nearing its end, we at Indian
Hotspot thought of breaking the monotony quite literally and ending the year on a high note.
Wondering how? Well, by introducing our exclusive non-veg menu on 31st December laden
with Halal Chicken & Lamb to satisfy your hunger in the most delicious and wholesome way
We thought of giving you a textual tour of what you can expect from our upcoming menu and
leave your mouth watered! So enjoy and decide from where to start among the plethora of
dishes available for grasp!

Brace yourself for our tasty lamb kebabs and chicken kebabs ready to melt in your mouth and
ooze out the perfect blend of meat and exotic spices. We are sure our Kebabs will feel like K-
bombs loaded with taste. The good part is that this doesn’t end here as our Kebabs are
followed by Achari Chicken Tikka cooked to perfection to bring out its eternal tangy taste
and leave you thrilled. The icing on this appetizer cake is our juicy, tender, and lip-smacking
Tandoori chicken filled with spices and a smoky aroma. Are you hungry yet? Don’t worry
our entrée is ready along with delectable dishes made of rice.

Straight from the Switzerland of India, we have Yakhni Chicken Pulao which as the name
suggests is made with rice, chicken. To top it all off, a rich blend of spices whose aromas will
teleport you to the beautiful rivers and valleys of Kashmir. As we believe in providing our
customers with multitude of options we also have enticing chicken biryani and lamb biryani
to go royally meatilicious while savoring freshly cooked rice wrapped up in spices.

Now we’ll give you a moment to take a breath and prepare yourself for a foodie’s delight.
Yes, it’s time for the Entrée. To begin with, we have special Lamb Hyderabadi curry for
somebody who is remotely aware of Hyderabad and its rich food heritage, the name of the
dish is enough to get an idea of how delicious and wholesome this exotic combo is. Then we
have another dish entailing Lamb but, this time it is tikka masala simmered with curry sauce:
for the ones who love to take an easy bite and enjoy their food to the fullest. Continuing with
the current trend of entailing Lamb we bring to you Chili Lamb and Lamb Spinach the first
one being soupy cooked at medium heat to perfectly blend with the taste of multiple spices
present in the soup. The latter one as the name suggests would make Popeye go crazy (you
know what I mean right..) containing perfectly marinated lamb with curry added meticulously
with spinach.
The same dishes are available with the chicken variant though some additional categories that
the chicken variant ventures in, that of Chicken malai primarily laden with our renowned
malai kofta gravy and Chili Chicken which is all about chicken strips coated with flour
swimming in a thick and syrupy sauce.
So, now our job is done that of flaming the hunger within you, all you can do to satisfy it is to
hop on these delicious dishes that will be ready to be served from 31st December onwards
only at Indian Hotspot!

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