Indian Hotspot Offers 50% Off on the Sweet of the Week for a Week!

The pandemic has hit us all in the most unexpected ways possible. Many of us are living alone, away
from homes, waiting for the situation to settle so you could fly back home and hug your parents
tight! Such uncertain times do remind us of all the good times we spend with our families and
friends back home. What fun!
The Indian Hotspot doesn’t want you getting all nostalgic just too much, what if you can’t go home,
we may bring you a tad bit closer to your homes? What’s say! Dive and drool on the exquisite range
of sweets we offer. To top it all, we have started an offer of 30% off on sweet of the week, for a
week. What are you waiting for? Order in online, dine-in or take-away, you can have it your way!
A little fun, a little sprinkle of happiness, and some sunshine are all you need to sail through the hard
times we are facing! Make your day better with us and we are sure to not disappoint you. The team
follows all public health recommendations to keep all customers like you and employees,
communities, all healthy and safe! We shall not leave any stone unturned in offering you fresh meals
and sweets.

Lavish Menu offered by the Indian Hotspot

Hara Bhara Kabab
The Indian Hotspot not just offers sweets like Rasogulla, Stick Kulfi (Plain, Kesar, Paan), Jalebi, Rabri
Faluda, Kesari Rasmalai, Malpua Ice cream and so much more. We also serve Indian food like Dal
Makhani, Chole Chawal, Aloo Gobhi, Amritsari Chole, Paneer Tikka Masala, Bhindi Masala, Rajma
Raseela, Malai Kofta and more.
Indo-Chinese cuisine too finds a way to fit in our cozy kitchen. Bread, papad, rice of your choice
can be selected as you like. I am sure you are drooling while reading the dishes…they are absolutely
as delicious as they sound and of course, mouth-watering! Order the refreshers along with your
meals and the sweet, of course, and you will be a fan of us in no time! You can easily access the
menu online and explore more of our dishes.

Flavors, Traditions, and Taste!

Feel at home with Indian Hotspot and take comfort in ordering with us whenever you want! We
would be happy to be a part of your little merry moments that we keep authentic and give you an ‘at
home’ experience. With all cultures and traditions and values in place, our sweets filled with the
deliciousness and goodness of flavors that are so fresh and just melts in your mouth!
With every sweet of the week, the 30% offer stands for a week. Whenever you crave for Indian food,
we will be ready to serve you and even deliver! Apart from this, we will keep coming with various
deals and offers and keep you updated about the same, so you wouldn’t have to worry too much or
look for places to suit your cravings, anymore.
With the right punch of flavors and taste, the Indian Hotspot is exactly what you would want after a
long day at work! When you don’t feel like cooking, or are done with eating frozen food, we will
bring you hot, yummy food with amazing sweets for your sweet tooth! Trust us you would come
back for more, pandemic or no pandemic!

Life may be Dull with the Pandemic but not Anymore!

We get how life may get boring being glued to homes, working, and cooking tirelessly around the
clock. Don’t let the pandemic get to you, we take all precautions and have even limited our dine-in
seating! In case, you wish to dine-in, do call in and check with us for seating availability and we
would be happy to serve hot food to you, straight from the kitchen! Surely, you would be delighted
to eat with us as we would be to have you come in.
Order, taste, and give us your feedback on how you liked the food! Don’t forget to avail the 30% off
on the sweet of the week and drool some more. Hope it suits you just fine. Stay safe and sanitize as
much as you can, because no precautionary measure is ‘too much’ in this too much chaos!

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