Is Nostalgia hitting hard? Your Indian partner is here!


They say,” You can take an Indian out of India but can never take India out of an Indian.”Time and again this saying has proven to be true for every Indian has India etched into their souls. India is popular among the world nations for its cuisine which is as diverse as its culture. From street foods to the royal Awadhi cuisine, every prospect of Indian food seems delectable.

But fikar not, Indian Hotspot with its Jhakaas cuisine and fatak ambiance would beat your blues but the desi way!

8 reasons why?

1) Desi Food and Beverages!

After ones’ near and dear, what one misses most about India is its food. From mouth-watering golgappas of Dilli streets to Medhu Vada of yours truly Chennai, we got it all. With over 100+ vegetarian dishes from various cuisines prepared by world-renowned Indian chefs are sure to blow your mind away.

Also, did we mention that we serve Mango lassi and Kesar Badam Milk?

2) Indian Sweets

No meal is ever complete without sweets and one can never have too many! You can either choose to have our gulab jamun or the ever tasty kulfi or even both together along with almost 20 other varieties of sweets. (We won’t judge you. Sachi!)

bar mixology indian hotspot
Glasses of lemon soda with ice and fresh mint on wooden table.

3) Daaru Pe Charcha

When Anil Kapoor sang,” Saari madhushala pi aaya”, he was probably inside our Maikhana AKA our fully equipped bar for every reason you might have to drink (or not, like we said, we don’t judge). Feel free to choose from our 30+ range of scotch whiskeys and 100+ varieties of wines. Everyone’s favourite beer is also a part of our maikhana. We know, no desi-daaru session is complete without chakhanas so we serve over 20 varieties of side dishes to complement your drinking experience.

4) Take-Away, Delivery or Dine-In

If your guilty pleasure is eating desi food in your pyjamas like there’s no tomorrow, we have your back! Fine-dining is your thing, we got that too. Order online for a takeaway or home delivery or opt for fine-dining to experience our service first-hand. Considering the current situation, we have also introduced contact-free delivery for our customers.

MIx sweet box

5) Traditional Packaging

Your mom asks you to visit your door ke rishte ka uncle who lives nearby in the U.S. Will you go empty-handed?? Sanskar kahan hai? We’ve got you covered people! Our delicious sweets wrapped in traditional boxes designed with desi motifs depicting the popular festivals and traditions of India are sure to capture anyone’s heart (and amass some aashirvaads).

6) Desi Interior

When nostalgia hits you, there’s nothing you can do but accept defeat! For days like that, allow us to spoil you with our hospitality. Our restaurant has its interior designed keeping the Indian sensibilities in mind. Filled in with elegant armchairs, bench-style seating and corner tables, and floors covered with Indian style hand -knot rugs, we are fully-equipped to meet all your seating needs from business meetings to family gatherings. Overhead track lights and chandeliers make sure the dining spaces are well-lit. The walls covered with folk art paintings are sure to take you back to the rich Indian heritage of palatial dinners.


7) Our Location

We are currently located in the tree city of the U.S.A, in the residential area of San Ramon. The city is known for its beautiful locations amid trees, with Mount Diablo bordering it from the sides.

Sweets, Desserts and Snacking at Indian Hotspot
Sweets, Desserts and Snacking at Indian Hotspot

8) Bollywood Gana-Shana

We saved the best for the last. Enjoy your tasty meals with Bollywood songs in the background just like in dhabas or fine-diners because there’s no better combo than desi gaane and desi khana (of course excluding Radhika Apte and Netflix).

Hotspot Trivia: We don’t differentiate between Guru Randhawa fans or Kishore Kumar fans, even better, we indulge them alike.

We are well-aware of the fact that dining outside the home space has undergone a 180 degree due to Covid-19. Acknowledging this fact, we have ensured that our kitchen is cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals along with the whole dining area. Our chefs, delivery boys, waiters and waitresses undergo temperature checks, wear masks and sanitize themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Spoil yourself with some desi tadka!

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